Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yamaha MT-01

The MT-01 puts a massive high-tech, air-cooled 1,670cc V-twin engine in a minimalist aluminium sports frame – it's a sports riding revolution. This is a huge torque machine that can knife through the turns.
This, then, is 'torque sports': a massive engine in a nimble frame, with an exhaust note to invigorate the spirit and a sculpted style to stop the traffic.
There really is nothing like the MT-01, with its mighty engine delivering hammer-blow acceleration to push you on wherever you go. Couple this with cutting-edge suspension and brakes, and you get a powerful, confident and exhilarating ride.

It is very difficult, many of its parts, if you are a professional, try this :)

clik here to download of a parts
Component 1 Engine

part & intructions

Component 2 Rear Arm & Frame

part & intructions

Component 3 Steering and Tank

part & intructions

Component 4 Exhaust Pipe
part & intructions

Componaent 5 Front and Rear Tires

part & intructions

if your finish download all component, please combine all the components and have fun


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