Monday, July 23, 2012

bulldoser papercraft (komatsu)

This is an amazingly detailed papercraft from the Canon Creative Park. It is pretty big and does has a lot of pieces to assemble. This one might prove a very good challenge for the beginner, as it has some big pieces and some small ones.

One thing I liked a lot of this model is that both the front and rear parts of the bulldozer are moveable. Since the assembly permits a small degree of movement, it looks pretty cool !

As you will notice on the photos, I did a small carton base for it, but instead of pasting it from the wheels to the base, I setup a 4 small paper hinges to have the model put on the base. This are inserted into 2 small openings that are already on the model and then pasted to the base. This way the model does not moves from its fixed position.
make your papercraft and enjoy :)
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